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Best Toss Prediction: Which Are The Best Sites For It And What Is The Future Of Toss In Cricket?

Best Toss Prediction

A coin toss is a staple feature at the start of many sports. One of the most popular and crucial uses of the coin toss happens in cricket. Before every cricket match starts, the match referee tosses a coin and the winning team’s captain selects whether his/her team will field or bat first. Since every single aspect of a cricket match has bets placed on it, the toss is no exception. In this post, we will take a look at toss predictions and which sites give the best odds. We will also talk about the future of toss in cricket. Let’s get started.

Best Toss Prediction: All You Need To Know

What is the significance of the toss in cricket?

In cricket, the toss does not decide whether to win or lose, but it does give direction. Over time, it has just become a stroke of luck that can favour one team over another. Many times the result of the match seems to be determined by the toss. Especially, in Test matches, it is important to know how the pitch is and which team will play the fourth innings. This is the reason that a new debate has arisen regarding the toss. The debate is whether toss can be separated from cricket?

This debate has started with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). Matches without a toss may be used in County Championship Second Division matches. If it is successful then it is possible that ECB can try it in second level matches as well. Obviously then the ICC will also have an eye on this.

What is the future of the coin toss in cricket?

Will the practice of toss end in cricket in the future? Is there going to be a big change in cricket again? This question is because of the land on which cricket took shape, now the debate has started about ending the toss. From football to tennis, badminton or kabaddi, everywhere the toss has its own importance. But the importance of the coin toss is much more significant in cricket than in most other sports.

Which are the best toss prediction websites?


Dafabet usually gives the best toss winner odds (1.92) as well as a fantastic bonus of 26,000 rupees if you deposit 10,000 rupees.   


Another great site for best toss predictions is Unibet which gives toss winner odds of 1.91 and a bonus of 3000 rupees if you deposit 500 rupees.   

Royal Panda   

Royal Panda ranks high in the best toss prediction websites list as it gives great odds of 1.91. You also get a 20,000 rupees bonus if you deposit 10,000 rupees.


One of the biggest global names in sports betting, Betway gives great toss winner odds of 1.90 and a 100% deposit bonus (up to 2,500 rupees).   


Next on our list of the best toss prediction sites is LeoVegas. It offers stellar odds of 1.90 and users get 20,000 rupees when they deposit 10,000.

Another great toss prediction site. provides fantastic toss winner odds of 1.90 and users get 3,000 rupees when they deposit 1,000.   


10cric users can enjoy fantastic toss winner odds of 1.89 and get 20,000 in their 10cric account after depositing 10,000.   


Casumo is a great toss prediction site that offers odds of 1.88 for toss winners and users get 3,000 rupees after depositing 1,000 rupees.   

How Do I Make the Best Toss Prediction?

Whenever a coin is flipped, there’s a 50% chance of heads, and 50% of tails. So betting on toss predictions is just a game of chance. There isn’t really a strategy you can utilize. You can get the toss right, or you can get it wrong, there is a 50-50 chance. So don’t try and discover some complicated way of predicting the outcome of a toss. Just take a guess and hope that lady luck smiles on you.

Is Toss Betting Rigged?

Cricket as a sport has been rife with match fixing and spot fixing. So it’s only logical for you to think that there must be a way that the toss must also be rigged. However, a toss is purely a game of chance so it’s very tough to rig. Unless you use a rigged coin, you can’t really impact a toss. With so many cameras around and the match referee present, it’s unlikely that the toss is rigged and you shouldn’t really worry about it. 

Does the toss have an unfair impact on the outcome of a match?

Take a look at the cricket of the last few years, especially in Test matches, the matter will become clear. Actually, the pitch has an important role in cricket. The host team always has the privilege to build the pitch according to its strengths. After this, the toss gives rise to that ‘luck factor of winning. The big criticism regarding the toss came in the 2019 Ashes series, which England managed to win 3-2. In their home environment, England may have managed to win the series but the pitches were criticized. Three out of five matches were such in which the team that won the toss was victorious. The amazing thing is that no match could drag on for five days. Two matches were finished within three days.

The same thing happened in the India-South Africa test series. Multiple matches ended in three days because the team that won the toss had a huge advantage.

Is there an alternative to the toss?

If the toss is to be eliminated, then alternatives have to be found. One option that is being talked about the most is to give the visiting team the right to decide whether to bat or bowl first. But will this be acceptable to all, it will be a matter to be seen. By the way, this is not the first time that there is talk of ending the toss. A lot of prominent players such as Ricky Ponting and Kevin Pietersen have called for the toss to be removed from the game. However, if you like making toss predictions and betting on them, this might not be good news for you. 

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