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How to Find the Best Cricket Betting Sites Online

Are you new to online cricket betting but worried about finding the best or most secured cricket betting site to gamble on? Don’t despair at all because we’ve got you covered. Here is an easy-to-read guide on finding the best cricket gambling sites online today.

Die-hard cricket fans understand the importance of choosing the best sites. Technically, your betting performance goes from zero to a hundred. Also, players can explore and access a large betting market, competitive odds, betting offers and rewards, and more.

Interestingly, one of the best ways to find trustworthy sites is to look up expert reviews on sites like BettingGuide.com. Then, you would get advice and help to select the best legal sites that accept Indian Rupees. You will also find guides to help you with deposits and withdrawals, setting up your account and much more.

So, back to why you’re here, let’s get started, shall we?

How do you pick a reputable cricket betting site?

The search for reputable betting sites is sometimes cumbersome and time-consuming for players. Most players find it difficult to continue their search after a couple of attempts leading to a poor choice.

Before you click the signup button, here are the essential criteria every player should adopt in choosing a site to bet on.

Is there a welcome bonus for new players?

Welcome bonuses are incentives. To attract new players, cricket betting sites put out promotional offers to lure in new players. It’s a common trend for top betting sites to offer such promotions.

Ideally, it helps newbies kick-start their gambling adventure and should be a primary concern when searching for the best sites. The welcome bonus is usually available in various forms, such as free bets, deposit offers, no deposit offers, match-up offers and more.

Some cricket betting sites in India provide a welcome bonus of 2,500 INR, while others may offer up to 10,000 INR in free bets. While searching, endeavour to check out what they offer.

Is there a large number of cricket betting markets available?

Before you get into the ring of cricket betting, you should know about the betting markets. Players stand a chance of placing more profitable bets and building an incredible experience when they select the best markets.

In addition, betting markets are used when ranking the best sites. Therefore, it is important to select a site on its betting markets. Ideally, the more betting markets a cricket betting operator offers, the more entertaining its users.

It is also important to check if the betting site offers markets on big events such as the Indian Premier League, Cricket World Cup, Ashes Series, etc.

Is the site offering the best cricket betting odds?

Choose betting sites with impressive odds to match your passion with great profits. So naturally, you can only find impressive and competitive odds among the best cricket sites. This should be one of the criteria you adopt in searching out the best cricket betting operators.

Most times, players sign up on multiple betting platforms to keep up with the odds across each site. However, it is possible to find a site that offers the best odds on each market every time.

Is live betting available?

For convenience, betting sites created the live streaming feature for players always to be close to the game, anywhere. This feature is most times accompanied by the live bet feature.

Live betting was not available when cricket betting firms initially appeared on the scene. This is because you wouldn’t be able to place any bets on an event if you didn’t place them before it started.

However, things have evolved, and live betting has become extremely popular. Ideally, sites with this feature are updated and current with the latest technology. This also implies they are the best to bet on.

Is there live streaming of the matches bet on the site?

One important factor to consider in selecting the best cricket sites to bet on is the live streaming feature. The live streaming action is possible via apps of the preferred bookmarker.

So users stuck in traffic or on their way home would not miss any action. You can conveniently enjoy some cricket action regardless of your location with this feature. This is why we consider this to be a good place to search for a top site.

Is there any advanced mobile betting functionality on the site?

These days, players gamble more on their mobile devices than on desktop computers, especially youngsters above 21 years. If you are a mobile gambler, you will want to join a cricket betting site that has a fantastic mobile betting site and a user-friendly mobile app.

How is the customer service at the betting site?

If a cricket betting site provides bad customer service, there is no use in registering an account with them because you will only have a poor gambling experience whenever you need help. A good customer care service would guide you and provide instructions on having a good gambling experience on their gaming platform.

How secure is their website?

Although this criterion is listed last, it is the best place to start your search. When you’re looking for a cricket betting site to join and come across one, you don’t know much about, the first thing you’ll want to do is check to see if it has adequate security.

Nobody wants to put their hard-earned money into a cricket betting site to find out the next day that their money has gone missing and that they can’t get in touch with a customer service representative. As a result, you should conduct some research before signing up with a cricket betting site to ensure safety and security.


If you consider all of the information shown here, you should choose for yourself which cricket betting site is ideal for you. That being said, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort. You can open an account with some of India’s best-betting sites, and if you do, you can rest assured that you will have a fantastic cricket betting experience.

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