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Here Are the Best Super Bowl Prop Bets Ahead of Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV, the clash of the GOAT Tom Brady and the Baby GOAT Patrick Mahomes is less than a week away. It is definitely one of the most exciting sports events of the year. The clash between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the defending champions Kansas City Chiefs is expected to be one of the most highly watched Super Bowls ever, especially because of the social distancing norms at the stadium. The telecast is bound to be one of the most exciting TV events of the year and it will feature some of the best commercials of the year. The legendary halftime show will be performed by The Weeknd and is another expected highlight of the evening. Whether you are supporting Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas CIty Chiefs’ ascent towards building a dynasty or vouching for Tom Brady to win his first ring without long time coach Bill Belichick, you would definitely want to place some bets while watching this mega event. And don’t worry, you don’t really have to bet on the outcome, you can even bet on the numerous Super Bowl Prop bets that will be available. Let’s find out more about it.

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets for You

What is a prop bet?

A prop bet, or proposition bet is a wager that isn’t always associated with the game’s outcome and at times. Prop bets aren’t placed on wins and losses/point spread. They are placed on things such as how many yards a player will rush for, how many touchdown passes a wide receiver will catch, how many sacks will a defensive lineman get or how many touchdowns a quarterback will throw. What’s more, you can even bet on things such as who wins the coin toss or what will be the colour of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach.

What do betting odds mean?

Keep in mind, all of the Super Bowl prop bets are “moneyline bets.” So if you see a plus sign, the number next to it indicates what you stand to win if you put down $100. (Example: If you bet $100 and the moneyline is +200, a successful bet gets you $300—$100 you bet and an additional $200.)

If you see if a minus sign, the number next to it indicates how much you would have to bet to win $100. (Example: If the moneyline is -300, a successful $300 bet gets you $400—$300 you bet and an additional $100.)

The Best Super Bowl Prop Bets:

Let’s start with total points scored: Currently, the odds of 55 points being scored in Super Bowl 55 is sitting at +1800 (18/1). The Buccaneers and the Chiefs were 3rd and 6th respectively in points scored during the regular season, for what that’s worth.

Pat Mahomes is predictably leading the MVP Odds pack:

1. Patrick Mahomes: +110 (11/10)

2. Tom Brady: +350 (7/2)

3. Travis Kelce: +1500 (15/1)

4. Tyreek Hill: +1600 (16/1)

5. Mike Evans: +2900 (29/1)

6. Chris Godwin: +3200 (32/1)

7. Any defensive player: +1900 (19/1)

So when Pat Mahomes wins Super Bowl MVP, who will he thank first? His parents? His brother’s TikTok account? The inventor of toaster strudel? First person to be thanked by MVP:

1. Teammates (incl. coach): +250 (5/2)

2. Fans/city: +300 (3/1)

3. God: +500 (5/1)

4. Family/family member: +600 (6/1)

5. Health-care workers: +900 (9/1)

6. Owner: +2500 (25/1)

7. FIELD: +7500 (75/1)

Dumping electrolyte-infused beverages on the heads of coaches is a time honored tradition. But what color will the dumped Gatorade be?!

1. Orange: +200 (2/1)

2. Red: +300 (3/1)

3. Clear/Water: +600 (6/1)

4. Lime/Green/Yellow: +700 (7/1)

5. Purple: +1100 (11/1)

6. Blue: +1500 (15/1)

Over/Under height of the tallest player to score a TD: 6’4.5”

Over/Under weight of the heaviest player to score a TD: 259.5 lbs

Over/Under number of Super Bowl commercial that reference first responders/health-care workers: 3.0

Over/Under length of time after kickoff before first reference to the first responders/health-care workers in the stands: 179.5 seconds

Odds on the primary color of Jim Nantz tie:

1. Blue: +300 (3/1)

2. Black: +350 (7/2)

3. Red: +450 (9/2)

4. Purple: +800 (8/1)

5. FIELD: +350 (7/2)

Odds on the primary color of Tony Romo’s tie:

1. Blue: +200 (2/1)

2. Black: +400 (4/1)

3. Red: +400 (4/1)

4. Grey: +900 (9/1)

5. FIELD: +600 (6/1)

Over/Under time of first Gisele (Mrs. Brady) reference: end of first quarter

Over/Under Tony Romo saying “Let me tell you Jim”: 2.0

Over/Under number of plays Tony Romo correctly predicts in advance: 2.5

Length of National Anthem by Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan: 120.5 seconds

Odds Eric Church wears sunglasses during National Anthem: +900 (9/1)

Length of America the Beautiful by H.E.R: 81.5 seconds

First song to be performed by The Weeknd during the halftime show:

1. Blinding Lights: +400 (4/1)

2. Heartless: +600 (6/1)

3. In Your Eyes: +700 (7/1)

4. Starboy: +750 (15/2)

5. Can’t Feel My Face: +900 (9/1)

6. Pray For Me: +1200 (12/1)

7. FIELD: +300 (3/1)

Odds to perform with The Weeknd:

1. Drake: +400 (4/1)

2. Maluma: +600 (6/1)

3. Ariana Grande: +600 (6/1)

4. Future: +800 (8/1)

5. Lana Del Rey: +1100 (11/1)

So those were some of the best Super Bowl prop bets for you. Enjoy your Super Bowl LV experience by placing prop bets on some interesting facets associated with the game. Whether you want Tom Brady to win his seventh Super Bowl ring or Patrick Mahomes to win back to back rings, Super Bowl sunday is bound to be a lot of fun.

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