IND vs AUS: Tension Brewing Between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli?

IND vs AUS Tension Brewing Between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli

As the Indian team continues its woeful performance in the IND vs AUS series, more questions are being asked about the lack of clarity surrounding Rohit Sharma’s hamstring injury. Find out more.

While the exact details are not known, there are strong rumours that are suggesting that all is not well between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli during the ongoing Australia tour of India. A lack of communication appears to be the main reason behind this issue. When two of the biggest stars of the team are at loggerheads, the team’s fortunes are bound to suffer.

IND vs AUS: What’s happening between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma?

What did Virat Kohli say about Rohit Sharma?

A very angry Virat Kohli expressed his displeasure during a press conference and said that the ‘lack of clarity and communication’ on Rohit’s injury status is baffling. Kohli also pointed out in the press-conference that Rohit like Wriddhiman Saha should have traveled with the team to Australia instead of heading to NCA. Following that, the BCCI released a statement which said: ‘as Rohit Sharma was attending to his ailing father, he did not fly to Australia with the team’.

How has the relationship been between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma?

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have been teammates for over 10 years now. They both are pillars of Indian cricket and also Team India’s Captain & Vice Captain. Have things between them reached a stage that they don’t even communicate with each other on basic things like the status of their injuries, travel plans, availability for the Indian cricket team?

Why couldn’t Virat or Rohit speak to each other during their stay in UAE for IPL 2020? 

Why do Virat or Rohit need to go through “official” channels to even check on each other’s well being? Virat Kohli is the captain of the Indian team. As captain,checking on his teammates’ health is his responsibility. Everyone in the world knows that Rohit Sharma has been struggling with a nagging hamstring injury but Virat Kohli seems to not be clear about that.

What did Adam Zappa say about Virat Kohli?

During the recently concluded IPL 2020 in Dubai, Australian spinner Adam Zampa revealed how as RCB captain, Virat Kohli made him feel at ease through texts after Zappa’s arrival in Dubai. It’s quite strange that Kohli hasn’t shown the same behaviour towards Sharma. It doesn’t make sense that he needs the BCCI to communicate with Sharma.

Why did Rohit Sharma play in the IPL through injury?

Even though Rohit Sharma made himself unavailable for the IND vs AUS series, he still played in the IPL and led the Mumbai Indians to yet another title. Not only this, but If he was to attend to his ailing father, why did he decide not to inform the leader of the Indian team about this development? Going by past behaviour, the BCCI is never going to provide a concrete answer for this. The cricket media, fans can only assume at this stage. And all assumptions and developments are pointing that, all is not well between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

Virat Kohli vs Rohit Sharma – Questions should be asked from BCCI (Board of Cricket Confusion of India) as well.

Why did the BCCI stay somewhat secretive about Rohit Sharma’s injury?

Questions should also be asked on the issue from the BCCI. Why didn’t the BCCI reveal the facts? Injuries are part and parcel of the game, why do they want to hide injuries? Why instead of being custodian of the Indian cricket – they behave like a confused entity, who only reacts but never acts?

What did Virat Kohli say about the lack of clarity?

The India captain pointed out ‘lack of clarity’ in handling of Rohit Sharma’s injury episode. And the India board reacted and made it more confusing for everyone. Instead of declaring that Rohit Sharma went on to attend to his ailing father via a press-release, why could they not inform Coach Ravi Shastri & Virat Kohli about this development earlier?

– Proper communication has never been the BCCI’s forte. Rohit wasn’t included in the team for the tour of Australia – in 2 hours Mumbai Indians tweeted a video featuring Rohit Sharma hitting sixes in practice. 

What did Sunil Gavaskar say about this lack of transparency?

Former Indian cricket legend and current commentator Sunil Gavaskar said that ‘Indian fans deserve transparency and clarity’ on injuries and the concerned should come out in open. What did the BCCI do? They made it more confusing by first not reacting and then including Rohit Sharma in the Test team as a reaction. In the last 30 days various U-Turns have been taken by the BCCI on the issue and a few others are in offing.

Why was Virat Kohli not informed about Rohit Sharma’s status?

Why was the Indian captain, coach not informed about the progress of Rohit Sharma? Rohit Sharma is an extremely important part of the Indian cricket team. He is one of the best limited overs batsmen in the world today and India needs his prowess as an opener for victories. Another big question is, why didn’t Sunil Joshi, the selection committee chairman, keep the team management informed on Rohit’s fitness status on a regular basis? Was Rohit Sharma’s fitness not checked before he was named onto the test squad. 

When will Rohit Sharma’s injury be re-evaluated?

As the IND vs AUS series is going on without Rohit Sharma, his injury will be assessed on December 11th. After the result of that test comes out, there will be more clarity about his future in the current IND vs AUS series. However, as India’s performance in the series continues to be woeful, more and more questions will be raised and Rohit Sharma’s absence will be felt even more.

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